About Nancy Sunkin


I take an artist's approach to keeping an organized home, and a kitchen is my canvas of choice.

Everything in it’s proper place helps me create my ultimate “masterpiece.” With that comes not only an aesthetically pleasing kitchen, but a more efficient one. 
My philosophy is that there is a rhyme and reason for placement - what I call systemized and organized.
When I got married (30 years ago!), it became clear that my husband, Howard, did not feel the same joy when looking at the beauty of an orderly home as I did.
I then held onto the hope that our children would end up like their mama….HA! My amazing family has given me cause to perfect my organizational obsession in order to simplify it and make it easier for everyone in the house to maintain.

I am here to help you cut the clutter and create a system that is easy to sustain so you can maintain a beautiful kitchen. My hope is to bring joy, beauty and calm into the hub of your home.