6 Steps to an Organized Fridge

The holidays are over and we’re in our second week of the new year. Can you believe it?! Hopefully you and your kitchen have been enjoying the slow down of constant prepping, entertaining, and cleaning.

To help you take advantage of the slow period, I wanted to share with you my 6 steps to having (and maintaining) an organized refrigerator. As you know, systemized and organized are my two favorite adjectives so I want to help you achieve just that and really start this new year off on the right foot.

  1. Keep up on expiration dates! They are sneaky. Does anyone else go nuts with the many ways things are marked? “Expires on”. “Best by”, “Use by”. Regardless - make sure you keep up with these dates to ensure everything is fresh in your fridge.

  2. Keep things in “families”. I keep a lazy susan with nut butters, jellies and jams together in the fridge. I also put anything else on the sweet side in that one. I use another lazy susan with more savory things like condiments, capers, olives, and the like.

  3. If you have multiples of one thing, make sure that the newest bottle with the latest expiration is in the back so they get used in the best order.

  4. I really think the crisper drawers are good. I have four and keep freshly washed produce in them ready to grab and munch. I use for herbs, scallions, mushrooms etc. , one for vegetables to eat raw, one for veggies to cook and the last for salad stuff. I also keep veggies cut and ready on the shelves in plain sight (in glass jars, of course) for quick grab snacks!

  5. I always try to keep things on designated shelves as well. I keep leftovers and cooked things in glass containers on one shelf, cut fruit and cut veggies (as mentioned above) on another shelf. I also keep whole fruit on this shelf. I have another drawer that isn’t a crisper that I keep cheeses in.  I have marked bins on another shelf for snack items such as dips and hummus. I also keep sandwich meats and salami in this bin. The last bin is for things like pickles, krauts, etc.

  6. As for the shelves in the door,  I keep milks on one, condiments (in glass jars) on another shelf and also herbs in glass jars with a little bit of water in them.

Happy organizing!

Kenzie GallagherComment