Nancy’s Opinion - Appliances Stored on Countertops

You all know me. I’m a neat freak and that applies to all things in my home – kitchen countertops included! 

Personally, I like to keep these surfaces as clear and clutter-free as humanly possible. I do this for many reasons, some of which are aesthetic, but in all practicality, it simply looks cleaner and allows for much more room for meal prep and presentation. 

I do, however, know that some small appliances have to remain out in order to keep our families (and ourselves) sane. No one wants to be removing and re-storing a much-used item like a coffee maker on a daily basis. 

Every household is different, and it’s good to take into account what appliances you currently have out, and which of them can truly be considered to have ‘countertop status’. For instance, in our kitchen, there are a couple of appliances that simply must stay in sight for things to function smoothly...

The toaster is definitely one of them. Unless you have a pull-out or pop-up place in a cabinet or behind closed doors to keep it (a true dream of mine), this item stays out for quick breakfasts or a midnight snack. 

The coffee maker is another appliance that’s earned its countertop chops in our home (and likely in yours, too!). Again, unless you have the luxury of a hidden coffee oasis somewhere in your kitchen, keep this baby on the counter, for every caffeine-addict’s sake!

That’s truly about it for me; I like to keep things as minimal as possible – it’s just my style. Depending on your personal or family’s food lifestyle, you may have a different combination of tools or tech gadgets that make your days run smoothly. But generally, things like food processors, mixers, rice cookers, crock pots are used less often and can be pulled out ‘as needed’ to make for a clearer and cleaner countertop aesthetic.

As you can tell, I am full of opinions in general (just ask my husband, Howard) and this is one I feel strongly about. 

Do you leave appliances out on the counter? If so, which ones?

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Kenzie Gallagher