Best Ways to Organize Your Fridge


As you know by now, I’m very particular when it comes to organization in the kitchen, and this applies to all areas – refrigerator included. 

If you open up my fridge on any given day, for example, you may notice that all of the sauces are stored in the same shape and size glass jars. 
You may also observe that the olives, peppers, jalapeños and peperoncini have their own uniform jar style.
Homemade beverages like lemonade and juices get bottled in beautiful matching glass bottles, and can be found neatly arranged in the door.
You get the idea.  

I like to keep everything uniform for multiple reasons - the main one being VISIBILITY
If I can’t see everything clearly, foods get forgotten. 
And what happens when foods get forgotten? I end up with a smelly fridge. 
Nobody wants that! 

So, in order to prevent food-forgetfulness, I break my fridge down into sections and store foods accordingly…
My refrigerator in particular has 6 shelves and 5 drawers. 

One shelf is dedicated solely to dips (we’re hummus and salsa people).

Ready-to-eat snacks also have their own space, I like to prep them at the beginning of each week. Celery, carrots, and other healthy snacks go in various glass containers for easy grabbing and snacking! 

In addition to dips + salsa, my family also loves CHEESE, so I dedicate yet another shelf to this delicious dairy item. I keep like kinds in their own clear containers... cow-milk cheeses in one; goat-milk in another; sheep’s milk cheese in a third one, etc. I label and date each cheese inside their container to ensure that none of us are met with a fuzzy surprise when I put it out for snacking. 

I also keep one shelf for already-prepped food (or leftovers). These always go in stackable glass containers, for an effective space-saving and highly visible solution. With these, we can easily see what’s available for a quick meal or lunch on-the-go. 

Eggs also garner a shelf of their own... we eat a ton of these! I have two white ceramic egg holders that are always rotated so the eggs are always fresh! I also keep hard boiled eggs on this shelf so everyone knows where to find them. We usually have room for extra things on this shelf as well.  

For other miscellaneous items that often tend to take up a good amount of fridge space – like nut butters, jellies, and other typical condiments like mayo and ketchup – I use clear high sided lazy-susans for easy visibility and quick access.

Our refrigerator also has one long, divided drawer, directly in the middle of the space. This is where I like to keep fruits – cut fruit going in one section and seasonal fruit (ie: summer stone fruit and winter apples and pears) to grab in the other section. 

Finally (yes, it’s a big fridge), I have four drawers dedicated solely to produce. I keep salad-type veggies in one drawer, veggies we eat raw in another drawer, veggies to cook in another, and finally, herbs, ginger and scallions in the fourth. 

Whew! I know that it may seem like a lot, but the idea is simple – break down your fridge space into categories and fill it accordingly. You’ll get in the habit of storing items in their proper places, making them easier and more intuitively accessible in no time! This will also help cut down on ‘forgotten foods’ and keep your fridge as fresh as can be. 

How do you organize your fridge? 

Kenzie GallagherComment