My Favorite Dual-Purpose Kitchen tools

In a lot of ways in my kitchen, less is more. Having one gadget or appliance for every specific job may seem convenient, but things can pile up quickly, leaving you with little counter-, drawer- or cabinet-space left to actually work with! That is why I love these dual- and multi-purpose tools that can take on multiple jobs, just as they are:


I love my wood cutting boards and use them for so many different purposes. They’re ideal as a cutting surface, of course, but they also make great, natural-looking serving platters for appetizers like cruditè, charcuterie, smoked fish, canapes… really anything you can think of to serve looks beautiful displayed on a nice hardwood board! They can also come in handy for serving up dinner; I often use these boards to serve up proteins such as sliced steak, salmon or chicken, along with whatever veggies I’m serving. Simply throw on some fresh herbs and citrus wedges as garnish and you have yourself a presentation that looks unbelievably fresh and yummy! In my opinion, investing in a hardwood cutting board (or a few) is money well spent.


I also love the dual-purpose nature of the melon baller. Naturally, I use it to scoop balls of delicious melon, making for a unique and fun presentation for whatever you’re making (Summer fruit salads lend themselves perfectly to this!). But I also use my melon baller almost daily to core the seeds out of apples – I simply cut them in half and scoop out the core, making for a quick easy snack to serve along with peanut or almond butter – as well as to make batches of mini cookies. The melon baller is the perfect size for scooping dough for my crunchy oatmeal cookies. This is another purchase well worth it!


The ever-handy Instant Pot is another gadget that takes the place of a bunch of other appliances. It is a pressure cooker, first and foremost, but it is also so much more. It can act as a slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt-maker, steamer and warming pot all in one convenient and small appliance! It makes perfect sushi rice, and is my go-to for all kinds of things!



Although this doesn’t seem like a typical “kitchen staple”, a simple acrylic magazine divider is one of my most-used items in the kitchen (I know I have talked about these before). I use these to sort cookbooks, as well as magazines with recipes in them, but I mostly use them near my glass storage containers to sort and organize the corresponding lids. This way, the lids are lined up right next to their bottom counterpart, ready to be matched! These dividers are inexpensive, and can be used for countless purposes – simply use your imagination!


Last, but definitely not least, I can’t get enough of glass jars. I use them for nearly everything that gets stored in my pantry, as well as in my fridge and freezer. But here is one more use for them: to store fresh herbs! Simply trim the stems of your fresh herbs and place into an appropriate-sized glass jar with some water (almost like you would a bouquet of flowers). Storing them in the refrigerator this way helps them last soooooo much longer than any other way I’ve tried. There are countless other ways that glass jars can be used, but these are just a few of my favorites!

What are some of your favorite multi-use kitchen tools?