The 5 Things You Need from The Container Store

I love The Container Store. I really can’t contain myself! They carry so many products that are perfect for keeping the kitchen organized but my very favorite, ‘can’t-live-without’ items that I get from The Container Store are as follows:


Linus clear plastic bins

These bins hold snacks and packages so well. And their best feature is that they are clear so you can easily see what you are looking for. Linus also makes clear holders that fit inside drawers. They are great to keep utensils and the like orderly!


Clear divided lazy susans

I absolutely love these beauties because they have higher sides so things don’t spill out. They’re perfect for storing coffee pods and tea bags. I also love undivided lazy susan’s to hold bottles and jars in the refrigerator - they are very handy in the pantry as well. . . especially in the corners!


Montauk grey weaved baskets

These baskets are perfect for pantry storage. I use them to house “families” of items, such as baking supplies, or quick-grab snack packs.


Anchor Hocking Glass jars

These are another favorite panty storage go-to; I put so many things into these. I use the gallon size for flour, sugar and big cereals. The medium and small sizes I use for anything from brown sugar to crackers to dried fruit.


Magazine dividers

I use these dividers to sort and store all of the lids for my glass containers - it's one of my favorite kitchen hacks! Storing lids this way makes them so much easier to find and match up to their appropriate container. I don't like to store my glass containers with the lid on because they smell funny when they're not being used - and take up more space that way! 

What are some of your favorite items from The Container Store?