Mummies, witches, vampires, oh my!

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year and since it's right around the corner, I wanted to share a few of my favorite recipes and decor for the spooky holiday.

Mummies, witches, vampires, oh my! There are also unlimited amounts of sweets around, and a spooky energy in the air that’s hard not to love.

However, I make a point to wait to decorate until October 15th.

I do this for two reasons: One being that, coincidentally, Halloween is also my husband’s least favorite holiday; and secondly that our anniversary is on October 14th, so I make a concession and at least give him the first part of the month spook- and spider-free.

He does concede that there is one part of this haunted holiday that he loves: the striking of all of the decorations the minute the last trick or treater has departed! Alas, maybe someday he’ll appreciate the ghoulish goodness of All Hallow’s Eve.

It’s also fun for me to think of some fun “treats” I’ve made for different Halloween’s over time. Some of my best from years past have been:

Test Tube Bloody Mary’s: I set the bar up with all kinds of creepy accoutrements to go with them, and serving them in test tubes makes them look like beverage blood samples! Eek!


I also like to keep a cauldron in the sink with dry ice in it. Inside that cauldron, I place a smaller one that contains a devilish drink I like to call ‘Swamp Juice’. Try it, if you dare!

Another ahh!-worthy appetizer I love to make is Shrimp Brains: It’s always a crowd pleaser, you just have to get brave guests to be the first to dig in –  it looks gross and tastes great! Trick (or treat): Adding Gelatin makes the brain giggle! Eww!


One other fun and frightening dish is made by setting up ribs and lentils to look like a dismembered skeleton. This always gets a great reaction, especially to the red pepper “heart” with a dagger stabbed into it to complete the look!


Can you tell why Halloween is my favorite holiday, yet? I’d love to hear some ways you plan to creatively freak out your friends and family this All Hallow’s Eve! Boo!

Kenzie GallagherComment