Healthy and Gourmet Workshop

Shellee Dyne, Nancy Sunkin, Lisa Ende

Shellee Dyne, Nancy Sunkin, Lisa Ende

I was so thrilled when Lisa and Shellee invited me to speak with them at their 4th Annual Healthy and Gourmet Workshop on February 20, 2019.

If you know me, you know that public speaking isn’t exactly my strong suit but I said yes because you’re supposed to do something you’re afraid of everyday, right?! Lisa and Shellee were so welcoming which helped to keep my nerves at bay.

The room was filled with interesting (and interested) women all there to make themselves more informed about healthy alternatives and choices from Shellee and how to make amazingly healthy and delicious recipes that Lisa presented with ease.

I tied it all together by pointing out that the ease of it all comes with a well organized pantry and that everything in its place helps facilitate the ease of cooking at home - my mantra. We all know how much healthier things can be when controlled by us at home. When one stores everything in “families”, it is automatic to reach into that area for exactly what is called for...a real time saver!

I also discussed my bias with glass over plastic. I always prefer glass for storage be it in the pantry, fridge or freezer (more on that here). I was so happy to be part of this day and so excited that they invited me to come speak at the next one!

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