If You Care About Aesthetic

If you’ve been following along, you can probably guess that I am a ‘keep the counters clear at all times’ kind of gal...

There are times, of course, when we all need to leave a few things out, and the amount and contents will differ by individual. Personally, I ensure that only beautiful vessels are used, maintaining a ‘clean’ aesthetic and simple lines.

The exception to this rule is for appliances that are used daily. These should be kept out for ease of use - unless you have a pop up drawer or “garage” to keep them in.

This area is in a corner where they are not as visible.  Try to find an area for these items that is not in the immediate eye line when you walk in to your kitchen.

I keep my coffee maker out, but not the milk frother. That is stored just under the coffee counter area.

I also keep the toasters up on the counter. Yes, that is plural. My husband isn’t fond of the convection oven / toaster, so we had to get him his own pop-up toaster.


The following are the things that I leave out because they are useful, they add color and they look pretty:

  • One of my favorite Simon Pearce bowls can always be found on the counter, holding each season’s best fruit. Depending on the time of year, it will have citrus or stone fruit… always ready for my family to snack on.

  • Some of my other favorite bowls that have been collected over the years (thanks mommy)  hold less-perishable produce like potatoes and onions.

  • Jars with easy-to-grab snacks also live on my countertops, but I make sure that they are all of the same or of similar style, and are always made of a glass base.

  • Oils that I cook with are also on the counter by the stove, but not in their original packaging. I keep them all in glass bottles and they sit on top of a silver tray.
  • And of course, my popcorn jar. It sits in it’s own corner just to make me happy. . . It's my go-to when the family is out and it is just me at home for dinner!

Kenzie GallagherComment