If You're a Baker

I approach each kitchen with the individual or family in mind….  If the kitchen belongs to a baker, I would organize it differently than I would for someone who cooks rather than bakes. The age of the children living in the home also determines where things are placed and what kind of vessels are used to contain things. There are many factors to consider when making things most functional for each job. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share tips for every type of kitchen-dweller.

If you’re a baker, here are my best practices:


Make a Plan

First thing is first, I dedicate a specific cabinet, pantry shelf (or two), or drawer solely to house baking tools. There is also another dedicated space for ingredients.

I then organize items based on how often they’re used. For example, I don’t put your most-used items (all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder) on the top shelf where they’re harder to get to. Conversely, I don’t store seldom-used items front and center. I’m hyper-aware of the ease/accessibility of certain areas, and arrange items accordingly.

Stay Stocked

No one likes to be making their favorite chocolate pie only to realize they’re out of cocoa powder. I always recommend storing items in clear containers rather than their original packaging not only for aesthetically-pleasing purposes, but to also keep an eye on the levels. And don’t forget to put the expiration date on the bottom!

Store Like Items Together

Keeping similar items together on a shelf or in a container will helps you find what’s needed in a flash. No more reaching around for that box of cocoa powder, or searching high and low for that little can of baking powder. Everything should have a dedicated place where it can always be found.

I also recommend consolidating like things. If you have four different partially-used sacks of the same flour, combine them into one container for less mess and overall better organization. This way you will be able to see how much of said flour is left and will no longer spend too much money buying what you already have.

Find fun organizational items that help you stay tidy

Mason jars and glass containers help make organizing fun and visually appealing. Once you have a baking section organized, with everything in its right place, you won’t ever want to go back! I do change out the lids on the mason jars from the metal they come with to plastic that are sold separately. This way rust will never be an issue!

Here are some of my favorite products:

  • Anchor Hocking jars (container store or anchor hocking web page)- they come in 3 sizes -
    • Large for flour and sugar
    • Medium for smaller speciality flours like oat flour or Masa Harina
    • Small for brown sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate chips
  • Mason jars (target or on line - i like Ball brand with plain sides) or other glass jars for baking soda, baking powder, arrowroot, cornstarch, etc.
  • I always buy plastic lids for the mason jars as the lids they come with tend to rust quickly
  • Montauk Baskets (container store) or another vessel for  bottles (vanilla, almond, peppermint…), honey, corn syrups, molasses, etc.


Are you a baker?

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