If You're Not a Cook

Not everyone has the passion – or the time – to cook. And that is totally okay. 

Getting food to-go is always a solution that’s available. It’s quick, easy and with so many places to pick up from – or nowadays, all of the apps and technology with which to get food delivered from – the options are seemingly endless! 

If to-go or delivery food is your main mode of meal-planning, I have some tips to make sure kitchen is organized in a way that makes it easiest to get your food served up in a timely and appealing manner (no Chinese boxes or Styrofoam containers here!). 

Often with these take-out meals, the food isn’t exactly how you’d like to present it by the time it gets to its destination. It may need to reheated, transferred into a mixing bowl to have dressings added or simply to be placed in a more presentable container (think pretty platter or beautiful salad bowl). If this is the case, it makes sense to store these items in logical and quick-accessible places, making getting the meal on the table that much easier. 

I know that I have said this before, but I will say it again now: Put things away in “families”. 

By this I mean: 
Have an area expressly for sheet pans. 
Have an area for mixing bowls. 
Have an area for serving bowls (yes, these two are different).
Have an area for serving platters.
Have an area for smaller serve-ware like dip bowls -- for sides like hummus or guacamole -- or ramekins for sauces or other condiments that may come with the meal. 
Near these should be an area with bowls for any kind of chips or other ‘dipping’ items… you get the idea. 

In having things organized this way, it will become automatic for you to go directly to the right area for exactly what you need, and your delivered dinner will never have to look like ‘delivery’ again! 

Kenzie GallagherComment