Kitchen Hack: Labeling Glass Jars

If you’ve been following along, you know that I transfer everything to glass containers.
I can’t tell you enough how much better they are than any other storage product - especially plastic.

After I transfer just about everything I buy into glass containers (think: pasta, cereal, rice, bone broth, spices, etc.), I label the jars with my favorite “chalkboard labels”.

But, here’s my secret - I don’t actually use chalk pens.
Chalk tends to smudge, a lot.
And when you use them on jars in the refrigerator, they completely wipe off…then what?
Who can remember what the heck was in that jar?!

Instead, I use oil based sharpie pens.
I know that takes away the luxury of being able to wipe off the chalk and rewrite but I rarely have to change a label anyways. And, if I do, I just peel it off and stick another one on.
These pens look just as good and they save so much frustration from all the sticky fingers on the cookie, cracker, or nut jars.
I promise.

To keep track of expiration dates, I use a label printer and put it on the bottom of the jar.
Don’t forget to change the date when refilling!

Happy labeling!

Kenzie Gallagher