Getting You/Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays

Photo credit: American Home Shield

Photo credit: American Home Shield


Now more than ever, counter space is in demand for holiday prep space.

And refrigerator space is in uber demand. All of that expired or never used stuff has no business taking up prime real estate this time of year.
The freezer is no exception. I recommend clearing out anything and everything that has been there for far too long….you know, the stuff you had good intentions of using and just never did.

Also, check your nut supply (mine are in the freezer, as you know) and be sure to have plenty on hand. The holidays require lots of nuts - for cooking, baking, snacking (and don’t forget those nutty family members!)

Review the pantry for essential items you can buy ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about running out when you start prepping. Also, be sure to have the pantry filled with supplies so you will be ready with nibbles to grab if/when last minute visitors show up for a drink.

This is usually the time I go through the spices as well  - those of you who have been reading along know that dry spices should be changed out annually for best flavor.

And last but not least, don’t forget to fill the house with long lasting flowers like orchids or green plants so it looks fresh and only a few vases need to be attended to for festivities (this way kitchen sinks will not be needed at crunch time).

Hope everyone has a stress-free, relaxing Thanksgiving!

xx, Nancy

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