Don’t Call Me Lazy: Why the Lazy Susan is One of the Hardest Workers in the Kitchen


I have known a lot of Susan’s in my life and not one of them has been lazy…especially not the one that they call lazy.

If you are unfamiliar, what is commonly known as a ‘Lazy Susan’ is a rotating tray, originally used for distributing food or other items on dining tables. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from large – which are ideal for corner cabinets – to small – which are second-to-none for maximizing shelf space. Common materials often include glass, wood or plastic.

When it come to maximizing kitchen storage, corners can often pose a challenge. But that is exactly where this sedulous Susan comes to the rescue! Without her, there would be wasted space, aching backs and broken platters aplenty, just to mention a few things!


I love using these highly functional tools for storing just about anything – bowls, serving pieces, prep items, baking dishes, instant pots and slow cookers and more – each kept in their respective ‘families’, as I like to do. The Lazy Susan easily keeps these items together and out of the way (but not out of reach!).

Another place where I like to be ‘lazy’ is in the refrigerator. The back of the icebox is a common place for food items to get stuck – or worse, forgotten about – but not if Susan comes to the rescue! I like to use the transparent, high-sided variety for this area. I keep my nut butters, jams and the like in one and condiments and dressings in the other. This way, nothing gets lost or forgotten and is easily accessible!

In my pantry, I use a the divided variety of Lazy Susan for keeping coffee pods and tea bags orderly.

You get the idea here: Be lazy… it’s so much easier!

Kenzie Gallagher1 Comment