Kitchen Hack: Mason Jars


I know that changing out a pantry can become very expensive – especially when updating to new glass storage solutions!

However, I know of a simple and less-expensive hack that still provides a pleasant result: Mason Jars!

Photo Credit:  Edibly Educated

Photo Credit: Edibly Educated

Antiquated though they may seem, these classic glass vessels are not just for canning anymore. They can be used for anything from cocktail carafes to flower vases, and they serve as great storage containers as well! Ball is a great brand, and makes a variety of shapes and sizes of jars, many of which have what I like to refer to as ‘no fuss’ on its sides (meaning no writing or designs embossed on the glass) These are called ‘smooth-sided' and are perfect for applying  labels with ease!
The only downfall to using mason jars is that the metal tops tend to get rusty after a few uses. Not to worry though, as they make a series of plastic tops for just that purpose. Swap out the original tops and you are good to go!

Browse Ball’s vast variety of glass jar options and find the perfect storage system to create the pantry or cupboard space you’ve always dreamed of!