My Favorite Cleaning Products

Following up on my recent Spring Cleaning note, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite products for getting these jobs done with ease and efficiency! Below are a few of the products that seem to do the best job around my house.

As a rule, I try to use as many non-toxic products as possible when cleaning my home. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning my kitchen. Of course, everything needs a good scour and scrub at some point, but it doesn’t always have to be done with harsh chemicals that can affect surfaces and utensils that will later come into contact with food.


I used to use plastic cutting boards and would put them into the dishwasher daily to clean them. I would also use bleach to remove the colored stains that they would get from chopping veggies.  But, with some research, I learned that even going to these lengths does not remove all of the bacteria(!). And, as you know by now, I try to use as little plastic as possible, so I converted and now only use all-wood cutting surfaces. I learned that wood is self-curing and the bacteria count stays low if you wash and dry your boards thoroughly.

A good tip if you already use – or would like to start using – wood cutting surfaces, is to designate a separate board for cutting raw meats. These should get ‘special’ treatment when it comes to cleaning, to ensure no bacteria remain on the boards’ surface. I scrub mine with soap, insta-hot water and a separate sponge designated just for this job. Wearing gloves is helpful when doing this, to help protect your hands from the temperature of the water, as well as from any bacteria that may linger on the boards’ surface!

My other wood boards get washed with soap and hot water and I let them air-dry thoroughly before putting them away.


YUCK! They are never clean. I rinse mine with the insta-hot water after each use, and I also put them in the dishwasher every time it gets run. It is recommended to switch out sponges weekly, due to regular bacteria build-up, but this can lead to a lot of waste and an extra expense over time. A few “greener” alternatives are cellulose and plant-based sponges and wooden scrub brushes, like those made by Twist and Full Circle, so even if you go through them quickly, their environmental impact is lower than that of conventional plastic polymer sponges.


For cleaning my pots and pans, my favorite dish soap to use is Mrs. Meyers Clean Day in Honeysuckle scent. This soap is thick and viscous and cuts oil and grease with ease! For more intense scouring and abrasion, I use my forever go-to cleanser, Bar Keepers Friend. It is not a non-toxic polish powder that really works on the tough stuff, and as I mentioned in my ‘Spring Cleaning’ note, it is especially good at restoring the bottoms of my pots and pans and gets them looking like new!

For other various cleaning tasks that I mentioned in my recent Spring Cleaning post, I use the following cleaning products:

For Cleaning Window Sills

Pantry Cleaning:


Happy cleaning!