My Go-To Kitchen Brands & Products

When it comes to shopping for the home, I like sticking to brands that I know and trust for their reliability, aesthetic, and overall functionality. I do try new brands as I come across them on occasion, but below are a few of my absolute tried-and-true favorites:

  • Anchor Hocking is my go-to brand for storage containers. The 1 and 2 quart jars for crackers and leftover pasta get the job done everytime. You can find Anchor Hocking at a number of retailers including The Container Store and Target too.

  • Ball makes the best no-fuss smooth-sided regular mouth jars. They’re a timeless go-to for any general pantry storage needs. I usually buy mine from Target or Amazon. Instead of using the standard metal caps that come with mason jars, I swap in Ball brand’s plastic mason jar lids. This prevents any rust that may form when storing wet things in the jars, and these white lids offer a cleaner, more streamlined look! Also found at Target.

  • This bamboo drawer organizer from The Container Store makes drawer arrangement a snap. I can’t imagine what my kitchen drawers would be like without these!

  • Linus clear bins are basically what pantry storage dreams are made of. These clear acrylic carriers make storing (and finding) dry goods as easy as one could ever hope, and they look great as well!

  • Also by Linus, this divided rounder seems like it was made with my coffee pod, tea bag and sugar packet storage needs in mind. These also work beautifully for storing spice jars, confection ingredients like sprinkles or food coloring, to-go hot sauce packets and salad dressings. Instantly tidy up your pantry or cupboard by bringing in one of these!

  • These Grey “Montauk” Kitchen Bins from The Container Store effortlessly keep snacks, small bags and jarred baking supplies in order. I use a handful of them in different areas of my pantry for a sense of tidiness without being too formal.

  • This clear plastic lazy susan from Bed Bath & Beyond is an ideal tool for organizing multiple larger bottles with ease. Its lack of splitting dividers helps maximize space for ease of storage.

  • Call me crazy but a trick I discovered long ago, and that has yet to fail me, is using acrylic magazine dividers for plastic lid storage. Try it! I promise you’ll be thanking me once you do. I find my dividers at The Container Store.

  • An appliance that never lets me down, whether I want to whip up a fresh batch of hummus, or need to make fresh breadcrumbs from a day-old baguette, is the Breville food processor. I find the best selection of these at Williams-Sonoma.

  • Kitchen Aid makes a purple Artisan Stand Mixer. Need I say more? Also found at Williams-Sonoma.

  • I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Chalkboard labels are an organizing girl’s best friend! I find a wide selection of these, in all different shapes and sizes, via Amazon. Never leave a jar unlabeled again!

  • The perfect writing tool for those black chalkboard labels are these oil-based white Sharpie pens. Although they are not erasable this way, i find it looks much better since these won’t smudge.  I buy both at Amazon simultaneously to make sure I don’t run out.

I hope having this cache of dependable and versatile tools helps bring some organizational harmony to your home. Happy shopping!

Photo Credit: Anchor Hocking

Photo Credit: Anchor Hocking

Kenzie Gallagher