Save Time and Money with Backup Cabinets

When it comes to products that are used often in our house, I like to keep extra close at hand. It saves time given the fact that there are less trips made to the store and, oftentimes, money.

But, that battles with my aesthetic pleasure. I don’t want them stored in the beautifully appointed pantry so I have a backup cabinet on the service porch for frequently-eaten things.

This is not the same as the cleaning supply backup and bulk shopping items that are stored in the basement.

This is just for the food items that are used most often, therefore are best kept close by for easy refills. Items in my back-up cabinet include:

  • Cereal and granola

  • Crackers and chips and other favorite snack items

  • Coffee pods

  • Rice

  • Beans

By keeping the back-up stock separate from the pantry, I am able to see how much I have left and when I need to add it to the grocery list again. My rule of thumb is to add an item to the grocery list when I refill the glass jar with the last backup package. This way, things don’t expire because I don’t purchase too many of the same item - no more binge shopping (well, for the most part...sometimes I can't help myself!).

Many clients have told me how much money they save with this system in place.

Kenzie Gallagher