Stacking vs. Dividing: Which one is best for what?

When it comes to deciding whether to stack or divide kitchen supplies, for me, it really comes down to frequency of use.

I find dividing to be the best choice for things that are used most often, like baking sheets. I dedicate a cabinet close to the oven or stove for these items and put vertical dividers in to keep them organized and upright. Be sure to measure the longest one and go from there! I definitely do not recommend stacking baking sheets...the idea of having to lift up numerous pans to get to the one you need is difficult and discouraging!

I feel the same way about cutting boards and trays - I dedicate a vertically divided cabinet as close to the prep area as possible. Reaching for the cutting board is so much easier this way.

When it comes to serving pieces, I like to stack them in shallow drawers. However, you should never stack too many as that becomes heavy, overwhelming, and is an accident waiting to happen!

I always stick to my (ongoing) theme of grouping in “families” (more on this concept in a later Nancy’s Notes post!). I have a few drawers of all white stacked pieces. And then I also have some pull out cabinets with stacked outdoor plates and serving pieces...near the doors to my yard, of course.

When deciding whether to stack or divide - always take into account the size, frequency of use, and weight!

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