Systemized and Organized

We all know that rules are made to be broken...but not in my kitchen!  I’ve established some rules after “living” in my kitchen for so many years. The one absolute is to have a system for one’s organization...this has evolved into what I call “systemized and organized”.

The order and way in which I store my food and spices facilitates the ease of cooking and takes away the need for a scavenger hunt at the onset of inspiration.

If I’m cooking Indian food, I know to look in the area where the spices are stored, and in the pantry area where i keep international sauces. 

If I want to host a Taco Tuesday, I can easily decide between black or pinto beans since the beans are stored together.

Meatless Monday? I look to the grain or bean shelf. 

Want to bake something? I keep my baking supplies in a basket which makes it so easy to pull out the baking soda, vanilla and the chips of choice all in one swoop. 

Being systemized and organized eliminates the need to search in a bunch of different places to gather ingredients, as they should already be in the same area, with like items. That way, the ease of prep makes it much more fun to throw together a dinner or quick dessert…easy as pie!

Kenzie Gallagher