Under-Sink Organization


Any space that’s ‘behind closed doors’ in the home can often become messy and out of sorts. In the kitchen, I’m primarily thinking of that infamous dark area just south of the sink –  the under-sink cupboard. [cue dramatic music]

This sub-sink space is often a catch-all for all manner of things, commonly including cleaning products, dish detergents, flower vases, trash bags, extra sponges and much more. With so many different items getting stored here, this oft-forgotten area can quickly fall into disorder, but I have a handful of tips to help you whip (and keep) your under-sink cupboard in tip-top shape!

  • Store like items together, in ‘families’ (as with everything else in my kitchen!).

  • Use tension rods to hang spray bottles, scrub brushes up and out of the way.

  • Utilize empty door space to hang dish towels or brushes for even more storage.

  • Remember that things can get wet in there! Storing items in watertight containers, covering the bottom with waterproof contact paper or plastic lining can prevent any staining/spilling.

Photo credit:  Martha Stewart

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

  • Depending on your cabinet’s layout, one of the following methods can be useful:

    • Use risers to double your ‘shelf’ space.

    • Install a two-level pull-out for easy access to your supplies.

    • Install a shallow pull-out to go under the sink neck and disposal equipment, to store smaller items.

Do you have any handy under-sink storage methods that I didn’t mention here? I’d love to hear what they are!

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