What to Keep Where & Why


Apart from the obvious, I have a few trusty tips and tricks that I use for storing certain food items to helps them stay fresher, longer. Here they are!


  • Keep fresh herbs vibrant by trimming their stems and storing them in a jar with some water, and storing them in the door of the fridge

  • Storing loose carrots, celery and asparagus this way too (in a jar with some purified water) helps prevent wilting and keeps them crisp for up to two weeks. Just be sure to refill/change water as needed (just like you would a bouquet of flowers)



  • Keep nuts in the freezer! It helps maintain vital oils, and keeps them from going rancid. More on that here

  • Only freeze leftovers in straight-sided jars (the ones with ‘shoulders’ will crack)


Cabinets / Pantry

  • Keep a drawer or pantry shelf dedicated to spices (keeping them in dry, dark spaces helps them stay fresh/potent longer)

  • Keeping root vegetables stored in the pantry is also a good idea; they prefer cool, dry spaces and last much longer when stored out of light.


Do you have any food storage hacks? I’d love to hear what they are!