What's In My Gadget Drawer

There are tons of kitchen gadgets on the market - some that are beyond helpful and others...just take up space and never get used. When buying kitchen gadgets, you have to be sure you only choose the gadgets that you know you’ll use and are of quality.

Here are a few gadgets that I keep in my beloved gadget drawer.

  • Food Huggers
    These are my favorite. I use them to cover avocados, lemons, limes, oranges, anything that they will fit over really. The possibilities are endless. They work really well and, of course, reduce the number of plastic bags used by a lot.

  • Double skewers
    Flipping shrimp is the worst. With these, food doesn’t flip when you turn it over on the bbq or in the grill pan. This makes me happy too!!

  • Food presses
    Great for holding down the fort.. Well, the chicken, grilled cheese, or panini in this case.

  • Citrus Squeezer
    I’m big on squeezing fresh fruit. Whether lemons, oranges, or grapefruits, this really gets all the juice out and holds the seeds back!

  • Cherry Pitter
    I hate picking the cherry pit out of my mouth with my hand, or spitting it out - yuck! This cherry and olive pitter is beyond convenient (and polite!)

  • Apple Corer and Egg Slicer
    These were passed down from my mother and I looove them. The egg slicer is perfect for my egg salad and the apple corer makes snacks quick and painless

What gadgets do you keep in your kitchen?

Kenzie Gallagher