Why I love Glass Containers

Glass containers are my best friend.

There are so many reasons I prefer to use these containers.

I like how they look.

I like that they close tightly and keep things fresh.

I like that I can see exactly what I am looking for with ease.

I like that they can be used for last minute serving.

Glass containers with airtight tops are a fool-proof way to make sure that “snackers” in your house always close the container so the crackers or cereal won’t get stale. You know who I’m talking about…those family members who don’t roll down the inner paper or close the box…

Clear containers make scanning the pantry super easy. Finding what you are looking for works well when everything is visible.

I get that the last thing on my daughter’s mind when she and her friends want a snack is how things look…..and not a single one of them should or could be bothered to transfer to serving bowls. But, this way there is no choice… they pull out a variety of snacks (already in glass jars) and my table still looks good.. throw store bought dip containers into a “butter” dish and I’m even happier!! A butter dish can be dressy (like the one pictured) or as casual as ceramic or Wicker!!

I love glass containers!