Why I Never Buy Tomato Products in a Can

As you get to know me more, you will discover that I am a very big fan of Pamela Salzman. She is so bright, so informed and so beautiful! I began taking her cooking classes many years ago. Not only do I love the recipes she has created, but her knowledge of food/body relationship is bar none! She has recipes that are easy and delicious, but most of all, healthy. Best part? They’re all in her new cookbook, Kitchen Matters.

I bring up Pamela because I want to tell you about something I learned from her years ago - never buy tomato sauce in a can.

Whether it’s tomato sauce, tomato paste or whole, chopped, diced, pureed tomatoes...never buy them in cans! Cans in general are not a great idea. But especially when it comes to tomatoes since they are so acidic. Their acidity causes the BPA (Bisphenol A) to leach more quickly into them. Pamela also warns us not to be fooled by a “no BPA” claim as it has likely been swapped out with something just as toxic, like BPB. Or, if it is not lined with anything, then the metal leaches and that is really not good either.

I have been purchasing tomato products in glass ever since I learned that awful truth. So, besides being 100% better for us, it goes with my love for all glass jars in my pantry projects! WIN - WIN!

Kenzie Gallagher