Why I Only Use These Chip Clips

Now that my kids are older, I don’t keep bags of chips or boxes of crackers in the pantry any longer.

As you know, I transfer everything to glass jars. I'm extremely picky when it comes to the aesthetic of my kitchen and this is the best way to achieve that.

But. I definitely couldn’t do that when my kids were little.  It was too hard  -  and dangerous!

So, this is where I (used to) make an exception to the bag thing. To keep some level of uniformity I stuck to one rule - only buy ONE style of chip clips. My style? Always choose white clips.

It kept the pantry looking much cleaner and my sanity as I endured those years raising children!
Here are the clips that I recommend: OXO Good Grips Magnetic Clips (in white!)

Kenzie Gallagher